Our family owned and operated roof contractor business does more than repairing or replacing shingles and other rooftop materials. Customers can count on us for just about everything concerning fixing exterior surfaces on buildings, and we are also able to provide small interior repairs. Our dedicated workers are fully insured and licensed according to the regulations in Wayne, N.J. We offer repairs to decks, siding and roofs in our city and nearby locations, including:

• Woodland Park • Totowa • North Haledon • Oakland • Butler • Riverdale • Little Falls • Lincoln Park • Pompton Lakes • Pequannock • Pompton Plains

Top Quality Repairs to Decks, Roofs and Siding

Wayne roof contractor employees are fast workers but get the job completed properly and safely. We believe in professional, clean and efficient repair services because this is what customers demand. We make sure that exterior surfaces such as sidewalks, lawns and decks are not damaged during our work. To prevent scratches or breakage, we cover and protect items while replacing siding, gutters and roofing materials. Except for making the exterior of a customer’s home more beautiful and functional, homeowners will never know our technicians were on a property.

A&Z Wayne Roof Contractor Offers Fast, Clean and Dependable Repairs

Depending on the size of a customer’s home, a roof contractor can remove an entire old rooftop and replace it with a new one in a single day. In addition, technicians can replace an entire building’s siding in two days due to our organizational skills. Despite working quickly, our customers receive a clean and refurbished home with intricate details and professional carpentry.

Our Technicians are Available Right Away

While another roof contractor might make a customer wait in line for repairs, A and Z Construction is ready to provide service right away. This means that if a customer wants to watch a project while on vacation, then we are available immediately. Of course, when a home’s roof, siding or gutters in our area are damaged by severe weather, our technicians understand it is imperative to have a project completed as quickly as possible.

A&Z Wayne Roof Contractor can Offer Additional Upgrades

We also know how to source shingles and siding to make smaller repairs that look great with older materials. For total replacements of gutters, rooftops and siding, we suggest fantastic upgrades with materials that are long-lasting and more energy efficient. A rooftop repair is also an excellent time to consider the installation of modern solar panels to reduce the cost of utility bills throughout a home year-round.

Technicians Offer Services to Meet Any Budget

Instead of high-pressure sales tactics, our roof contractors try to find a way to help customers afford vital repairs to masonry, stonework and shingles. For many homeowners, hiring a construction team is a new experience, but we try to make it easier by providing friendly service. We offer great prices to meet any budget, so talk to us about financial concerns to see how A to Z Construction can help. Call us today to request more information about the services provided by our business.

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