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Vinyl siding design trends 2015

The Top Vinyl Siding Design Trends for 2015

Vinyl siding continues to enjoy an increasing appeal to homeowners who favor a low-maintenance approach to home care. Thanks to certain changes in siding technology, today’s vinyl siding is incredibly durable, attractive, affordable, and easy to install and maintain. As well, today’s siding is aesthetically attractive and can increase the “curb appeal” of any home in Franklin Lakes, Riverdale, Pompton Plains, or Wayne.

Watch for These Vinyl Siding Design Trends This Year

Vinyl may initially conjure up images of old turntable classics and pleather shoes, but there is a good chance you have stopped to admire a house that sports modern siding and you haven’t even realized it! Today’s siding comes in a tremendous range of colors and textures with a great variety of interesting details.

Trend #1: The Color Explosion!

If your neighborhood in Pompton Plains, Franklin Lakes, Wayne, or Riverdale has suddenly gotten more colorful, we know why! While the cost of siding continues to be the most affordable option in the business, the homeowner’s color options have literally exploded! Gone are the days when all you can choose from are brown….and brown. Teal, purple, warm orange, green, red, yellow – if these are the colors you crave, you can now find a siding option to suit your taste.Vinyl siding

Trend #2: Styles of Paneling

In the past, siding has come in one panel size – and only one panel size. Thankfully, those days are gone as well, and today you can opt for a thinner or wider panel as your tastes dictate. You can also mix and match styles of paneling and trim to achieve a unique look that is fully your own. As you drive through nearby subdivisions looking at homes, you may begin to notice the great variety in siding panel sizes and styles, and get more ideas for what you want for your own home!

Trend #3: Higher-End Vinyl Siding

Apples to apples, the overall cost of buying and installing siding can still easily undercut other comparable high end exterior options. So some homeowners are now opting to upgrade to higher-end siding that comes with a greater range of finishes, trim styles, widths, seamless styles of interlocking panels and colors. They can also deliver even greater savings like better temperature control (cooling and heat insulating properties as well as UV protection). Some of these options come with incredible warranties and deliver long-term savings from their overall durability and low maintenance requirements (i.e. no need for painting, sealing or caulking).

Vinyl siding

Trend #4: Mixing Materials Together

Yet another exciting trend – one that is especially visible in the higher end home market in Wayne, Pompton Plains,Franklin Lakes and Riverdale, is mixing siding with other exterior materials such as wood, stone, brick, stucco and fiber-cement. This new trend can give your home a very individual and unique curb appeal and still keep overall exterior maintenance costs low. By using pricier (and more maintenance intensive) materials as accents rather than the mainstay of your home’s exterior design, you can also reduce the cost of protective materials (such as the water-resistant membrane required to keep water from seeping through exterior brick into the interior of the home)

.Vinyl siding

Choosing Your Home’s New Siding

Whether you are immersed in planning for a brand new build or contemplating an exterior renovation, vinyl siding makes a cost-effective and aesthetically appealing choice for your home in Riverdale, Pompton Plains, Wayne and Franklin Lakes. You can save quite a bit of money over the long-term by investing in siding now, plus look forward to enjoying your beautiful home for many years to come!

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