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Homeowners in Totowa tend to be especially cautious when it comes to protecting their property from the elements. Between the snow storms, humid summers and hurricanes, regular home maintenance is a must. As the best roofing contractor in Totowa, A&Z Construction offers the following services.


If you're looking for a topnotch roofing contractor in Totowa, A&Z Construction can handle anything that you throw at them. From re-shingling to new roofs to gutter installations, they can recommend and implement solutions to your roofing problems that'll stand the test of time.


Whether you're partial to red cedar, vinyl or brick, A&Z can make your siding renovation dreams a reality. Our technicians can quickly repair any exterior damage your home may have suffered in record time while delivering the highest quality end results possible.


If you need a new deck or a deck makeover that will last a generation, A&Z delivers the goods. We can make nearly any design come to fruition using everything from pressure-treated planks to composite lumber and make it look stunning in the process.

Windows & Doors

Considering how important windows and doors are insofar as keeping the elements at bay is concerned, it's vital that they're installed properly. We excel at custom window and door installations that are perfectly fitted to prevent drafts, leaks and warping.

Interior Remodeling & Repairs

Last but not least, A&Z Construction's expertise doesn't stop at exterior rehab. We also handle all manner of interior remodeling and repair jobs. Our seasoned experts can remake a home's interior to increase floor space, improve natural lighting and beautify living areas.

The Local Totowa Edge

Oftentimes, the difference between a so-so contractor and a bona fide master is local knowledge. At A&Z Construction, we leverage our thorough understanding of Totowa's climate challenges and real estate landscape to give our clients the best service available.

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