Shingle roof design ideas

Shingle roof designs for your home enhance the appear of your house that you have worked very hard on. Shingles quickly become an afterthought for homeowners who have painted their homes or built a new deck. Overlooking your roof could result in catastrophic damage to your home that you could not anticipate. The few ideas below explain how a shingle roof can change the curb appeal of your home.

Home Safety

Your home is protected from the elements by the roof more than anything else. Homeowners in Wayne, Woodland Park, Totowa, North Haledon, Oakland, Butler, Riverdale, Little Falls, Lincoln Park, Pompton Lakes, Pequannock and Pompton Plains must prepare for the hurricane season that lies ahead along with the snow melt from the next harsh winter. Your roof is harmed by consistently poor weather, and your roof will give way when you least expect it. Replacing the roof is a safety measure that all homeowners should consider.

Shingle Roof Colors

Your roof may appear in several different colors depending on the color and design of your home. Your home may require a unique shingle color that makes the house look better, and you need to choose the shingles that make the house look its best. You re not under any obligation to stick with the slate gray tiles that you are used to.

shingle roof

Shingle Patterns

Shingles are sold in standard sizes and shapes. Most shingles appear in a rectangular shape that you are accustomed to, but there are other shingle shapes that you may choose. A home designer may share design ideas with you that use new shingle shapes, and you may combine shingle shapes for a unique aesthetic that is all your own.

Your roofer has access to catalogs filled with special shingles that you may use on your roof. Pick something that will help your home stand out, and consider how your home will increase in value once you have completely re-styled the roof in an image your prefer.

European Building Styles

Homes built in a vintage European style must have matching shingles on the roof. Spanish, French and English building styles all use different shingles, and you may consult with your roofer to find the right shingles. You are not the only person in your community who wants to use a European building technique, and you will create a period construction that beautiful to look at.

Roofing Installation

Shingle roof installation must be done quickly to prevent damage from impending wind and rain. You must wait for your roofer to find a good patch of weather to complete your job, and the roofer moves fast to remove your old roof for the installation. The new roof will include padding, insulation and shingles that you have chosen specifically for your home.

shingle roof

The roofing installation uses flashing around your chimney, and your roofer will paint the flashing a proper color. Your roof will transform before your eyes, and the color of the house will become more appealing when you view the house from the street. Your installation may be done just before you put the house on the market, or this might be the first project you do when you move into the house.

Shingle roofs are a part of homeownership that may people overlook. The new roof you install on your house will change the appearance of your home completely. You may have a roof that appears to belong on a million-dollar mansion, and your home will be protected from the elements for several decades.

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