Roof repair vs roof replacement – the ultimate guide

The decision between replacing your roof versus just repairing it can be a difficult one. You don’t want to reroof too soon and end up wasting money; however, you also don’t want to keep adding up your costs in repairs when you could be saving to replace…It’s a battle back and forth, but if you know what to look for and how to weigh your options, you should be able to make the appropriate decision pretty easily.

It’s all about timing. And to get the timing right, you need to be able to assess the overall condition of your roof as well as identify any early signs of roof failure in your home in Wayne, Woodland Park, or Totowa. According to recent cost evaluations, a new asphalt shingle roof runs roughly $21,500 on a national average. For high-end materials, you’re looking even higher. So even on the low-end, knowing how to hedge your bets and effectively determine when to opt for roof repair vs roof replacement is a matter of several thousand dollars.

What to Look for When Considering Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

A regular roof inspection is an important step in helping you plan for roof repairs or a replacement. As you conduct your inspection, be sure to look for early signs of a roof leak on the interior of your home, including:

• Dark areas on the ceiling
• Peeling paint on the underside of a roof overhang
• Damp spots along the fireplace
• Water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace

Additionally, you need to assess the health of your roof from the outside. Warning signs to look for from the outside include cracked caulk or rusty spots on the flashing; buckled, curled, or blistered shingles, and worn areas around the chimney, pipes, or skylights. Likewise, if you find mounds of grit from the asphalt roof tiles in your gutters, it’s generally a bad sign. Stains from algae are primarily cosmetic concerns; however, collections of moss or lichen on the roof could indicate that the roofing beneath is decaying.

In some cases, having a professional assessment is the best way to make the choice for roof repair vs roof replacement. If your home has been hit by a heavy wind or hail storm or if you are worried about some of your own findings, you may want to consider having a professional evaluation. This type of inspection typically runs around $175 in North Haledon, Oakland, Butler, or Riverdale, but it could end up saving you thousands.

roof repair vs roof replacement

When Does Repairing Make More Sense

In most cases, a spot repair is enough to fix an otherwise sound roof. For example, if you just need to close a gap along the chimney flashing or even to fix a leak in a roof valley, these repairs are sensible and can help you get several more years out of your roof. In some cases, these costs may even be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, particularly if the issue was caused by a storm or unexpected occurrence in Little Falls or Lincoln Park.

roof repair vs roof replacement

Consider the Costs

Cost is one of the key factors when considering roof repair vs roof replacement. Obviously, for minimal repairs you may spend anywhere from as little as $10 for a minor fix to upwards of $1,000 or $2,000. However, when you’re looking at replacing your roof, you’re considering an expense of closer to $20,000.

While it may be tempting to opt for the cheaper fix, you may end up costing yourself more in the long run. For example, if you repeatedly repair a roof that needs replaced, your costs will add up significantly. You also run the risk of experience a real issue like a major leak that will not only cause you the expense of fixing the roof but also of repairing water damage.

You may also consider the cost of a roof replacement. It typically costs about $3 per square foot to strip off the old roofing and replace it with new composition shingles. If you’re looking to save money, some roofers offer the option to simply layer a new roof over top of the old for a cost of about $2 a square foot. However, this fix often compounds your cost and is a bit of a “Band-Aid” fix. When you put the new over top the old, you haven’t actually repaired any leaks, and you also don’t get new flashing or underlayment, pretty significant risks. It’s best just to opt for a new roof altogether when it is time and save yourself the trouble.

roof repair vs roof replacement

Making the choice for roof repair vs roof replacement isn’t easy. However, if you know what to look for and appropriately assess your roof’s health, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. If there are only minor issues with your current roof and it is less than 15 to 20 years old, you can probably opt for a repair and still get several years from your current roof. But if the roof is older and is showing signs of roof failure, you’re best bet is to just make the investment in a new roof and prevent any further damage to your home in Pequannock or Pompton Plains.

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