Cost of roofing

Know the Cost of Roofing: Don’t Get In Over Your Head

The upfront price tag is the most obvious reason that a Franklin Lakes or Riverdale home is a person’s largest investment. Maintenance is the often unexpected reason; for example, in terms of upgrades or repairs, replacing the roof is among the most expensive for a homeowner.

Cost of Roofing at a Glance: Pompton Plains, NJ

There are several factors involved in pricing a new roof in Wayne, New Jersey, such as the cost and accessibility of materials, as well as the pitch and size of the roof. Because of this, there’s a wide range of prices for a new roof.

Cost of Roofing

As far as providing a ballpark number, however, it’s possible to get an asphalt shingle roof for just $5,000, but high-end roof materials might increase the price to as high as $25,000. On average, homeowners can expect to pay about $12,000 for a new roof, though the exact price depends on location: homes in Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes, NJ have average roof costs compared to other residents.

Riverdale Roof Size Affects Costs

While it’s not the only factor, the size of the roof is the primary one influencing cost. Roofers will charge homeowners per roofing square, which is equal to a 10-by-10-foot area. In other words, a roofing square is 100 square feet; a roof spanning 3,000 square feet will be divided into 30 squares.

Cost of Roofing: Pitch Impact

The pitch of the roof is another variable involved in pricing a new Wayne, NJ roof. Some roofs will have a high pitch while others don’t have any. A roof that rises seven inches for every 12 inches is considered steep, which comes at a premium cost due to inconvenience; it’s difficult to store materials on the roof, and harnesses may be required.

Cost of Roofing


Does the Franklin Lakes home allow room to get a truck nearby? Can the truck successfully park against the house? If not, there will be a higher cost to manually bring out materials from the trucks.

Not only this, but if your Riverdale or Pompton Plains home has a heavier roof that requires removal, this may increase the cost of labor.

Type of Roofing Material in Wayne, NJ

The cost of roofing also depends on the type of material being used. On average, one can expect to pay between $5.43 and $7.05 per square foot with shingles. In other words, every 100 square feet of the roof, or one square, will cost between $543 and $705.

Cost of Roofing

For a general estimate, labor and cost of roofing using asphalt shingles on a 1,200 square foot home in the Wayne, Riverdale, Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes areas will range between $4,100 and $6,000. For a more accurate quote, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified contractor for a free estimate. For instance, a metal roof will cost double an asphalt shingle, and slate could cost more than double the cost of metal.

Hiring Your Roofer

To feel confident in your decision with selecting a roofer, be sure to ask for proof that workers are both licensed and insured. A responsible company keeps a copy of its proof of insurance handy for customer request.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, such as whether the roofer is aware of local building codes in the New Jersey area, including underlay rules or types of shingles that must be used. You may also wish to ask for references of previous clients and see how satisfied they are with the contractor’s labor.

Quality roofers also will offer a long-term guarantee that covers anything between leakage and total failure. Make sure to ask for the details of this guarantee.

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