Up on the housetop – rolled roofing vs shinges

The architects of today’s houses have created many innovative twists and turns to intrigue the new homeowner. Remodeling experts have rearranged structures to meet modern needs. Both have always put the “hat”, the “top”, the “roof“ over all to keep the inside structure dry while giving the outside a splash of fashion. Homeowners in Franklin Lakes, Pompton Plains, Riverdale, and Wayne know that how this roof fits, of what it is made, and how it looks, will determine value, durability, and maintenance for a long time. No other part of a house will seek more attention thru the years than the roof. Therefore, no other part needs more intelligent understanding.

Roofing Options

When decisions are of great importance, it is necessary to first know the choices involved. Probably the newest one, seldom yet chosen, is the Green or Living Roof. This is a simple layer of waterproof membrane, allowing plants and moss to grow and contribute oxygen back in the air. While it might be good for environment, it’s obvious that weather of New Jersey would be a challenge with this choice. Slate Shingles are very difficult and expensive to install, and fire and insect resistant Metal Roofing is just entering the housing market. This leaves two main choices for a homeowner in Riverdale, Wayne, Franklin Lakes and Pompton Plains. They are the two main roofing materials of the day:Rolled Roofing and Asphalt Shingles.

Rolled Roofing

In This Corner: Asphalt Shingles

Available in a wide variety of attractive colors and textures, sprayed against mildew, easily installed and long lasting, the asphalt shingle takes its place as the number one on a list. These shingles are divided into Organic and Fiberglass categories. Organic shingles are made of paper with a waterproof asphalt coating. Fiberglass shingles are also treated with a water and mildew resin coating. Most construction companies have no problem with installation or repair. They generally come with a 20-30 year warranty but are only installed on sloped roofs which do not pool water. They are economically very feasible

Rolled Roofing

In This Corner: Rolled Roofing

The easiest roofing to install is Rolled, made of most of the same material as shingles but installed in long strips. It is often called “mineral-surfaced roll roof”. Sometimes this can be custom made for an area, eliminating seams. The biggest difference for this roofing is that it is intended only for flat or small sloped areas. If a roof declines 2 inches or less vertically per 12 feet horizontally, or it is flat, rain water will often pool. This kind of roofing gives greatest protection for water intrusion. In today’s market, there is greater selection of color and material, but the life span is still 5-8 years. It is the least expensive of all roofing materials and the easiest to install. However, it does not provide the esthetic appeal of the shingle and homeowners in Wayne, Pompton Plains, Riverdale, and Franklin Lakes will find it often used on extra buildings of little value.

Rolled Roofing

Topping With Rolled Roofing Or Asphalt Shingles

There is no need for a winner in the Rolled vs Shingle debate. These two roofing products have risen to the “top” of houses because they answered a need for a durable, affordable, attractive, easy to install roof that would serve as an effective covering for a building. While Asphalt Shingles do not repel water on a flat or mildly sloped roof, the Rolled does just that. Rolled Roofing is cheap, has no use in creating curb appeal, but serves the purpose with less important buildings, while Shingles of many colors, increase décor and value in others. Since New Jersey sees snow, homeowners in Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Riverdale, and Pompton Plains in all probability use snow blowers and lawn mowers as they need. Likewise, the wise homeowner examines his roofing needs and chooses the best “hat” for the task.

Cost of roofing

Know the Cost of Roofing: Don’t Get In Over Your Head

The upfront price tag is the most obvious reason that a Franklin Lakes or Riverdale home is a person’s largest investment. Maintenance is the often unexpected reason; for example, in terms of upgrades or repairs, replacing the roof is among the most expensive for a homeowner.

Cost of Roofing at a Glance: Pompton Plains, NJ

There are several factors involved in pricing a new roof in Wayne, New Jersey, such as the cost and accessibility of materials, as well as the pitch and size of the roof. Because of this, there’s a wide range of prices for a new roof.

Cost of Roofing

As far as providing a ballpark number, however, it’s possible to get an asphalt shingle roof for just $5,000, but high-end roof materials might increase the price to as high as $25,000. On average, homeowners can expect to pay about $12,000 for a new roof, though the exact price depends on location: homes in Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes, NJ have average roof costs compared to other residents.

Riverdale Roof Size Affects Costs

While it’s not the only factor, the size of the roof is the primary one influencing cost. Roofers will charge homeowners per roofing square, which is equal to a 10-by-10-foot area. In other words, a roofing square is 100 square feet; a roof spanning 3,000 square feet will be divided into 30 squares.

Cost of Roofing: Pitch Impact

The pitch of the roof is another variable involved in pricing a new Wayne, NJ roof. Some roofs will have a high pitch while others don’t have any. A roof that rises seven inches for every 12 inches is considered steep, which comes at a premium cost due to inconvenience; it’s difficult to store materials on the roof, and harnesses may be required.

Cost of Roofing


Does the Franklin Lakes home allow room to get a truck nearby? Can the truck successfully park against the house? If not, there will be a higher cost to manually bring out materials from the trucks.

Not only this, but if your Riverdale or Pompton Plains home has a heavier roof that requires removal, this may increase the cost of labor.

Type of Roofing Material in Wayne, NJ

The cost of roofing also depends on the type of material being used. On average, one can expect to pay between $5.43 and $7.05 per square foot with shingles. In other words, every 100 square feet of the roof, or one square, will cost between $543 and $705.

Cost of Roofing

For a general estimate, labor and cost of roofing using asphalt shingles on a 1,200 square foot home in the Wayne, Riverdale, Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes areas will range between $4,100 and $6,000. For a more accurate quote, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified contractor for a free estimate. For instance, a metal roof will cost double an asphalt shingle, and slate could cost more than double the cost of metal.

Hiring Your Roofer

To feel confident in your decision with selecting a roofer, be sure to ask for proof that workers are both licensed and insured. A responsible company keeps a copy of its proof of insurance handy for customer request.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, such as whether the roofer is aware of local building codes in the New Jersey area, including underlay rules or types of shingles that must be used. You may also wish to ask for references of previous clients and see how satisfied they are with the contractor’s labor.

Quality roofers also will offer a long-term guarantee that covers anything between leakage and total failure. Make sure to ask for the details of this guarantee.

Roof replacement basics

Roof replacement basics

There are few repairs homeowners dread more than roof replacement because of the cost, which can range anywhere from $10,000 to as much as $25,000 in Riverdale, Franklin Lakes or Pompton Plains depending on the square footage and material. It’s one of those things, however, for which there is no alternative solution. Failing to replace your roof will compromise the integrity of your entire home, from frames rotting from water damage to mold issues in the drywall and peeling paint. If the water leak is severe enough, you might have to factor in the cost of damaged furnishings as well. In other words, failing to spend $10,000 now will only mean spending significantly more at a later date.

Instead of fearing the inevitable, it’s better to be informed of the process. Learning the basics of roof replacement is a great way to know if you’re paying the right price for services in Wayne, Pompton Plains or Franklin Lakes and to ensure your contractor is doing the job correctly.

When to Replace

The easiest way to determine when it’s time to replace your roof is knowing when the job was last done. If you were the homeowner at the time of the last replacement, you should have records of it. If you recently purchased the home, this fact should’ve been disclosed during the sale.

Roof replacement

If the information isn’t readily available, you can do an initial inspection yourself. Check for cracked or curling shingles or shingles with a dark, smooth surface. If more than a handful of shingles show these signs of wear throughout the roof, it’s time for a replacement.

Additionally, check the framing in your attic for signs of moisture or early rot, particularly after a rainstorm or the heavy snowstorms typical in towns like Wayne and Riverdale.

The Materials

The next step in replacing a roof deals with the material. This is also the part where pricing fluctuates the most. You can choose between the inexpensive and low-maintenance option of asphalt shingles, wood shake that requires regular maintenance, the extremely durable option of clay tiles or slate, which is a more expensive high-end choice.

Roof replacement

Most homeowners stick with the roofing material they’re replacing while others might consider upgrading to increase the aesthetics and value of their property. Discuss the options with your contractor to determine which material suits your needs. Some factors that may affect your options are the weight of the material, the pitch of your roof, the local climate and the building codes in Wayne, Riverdale, Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes.

The Basics of Roof Replacement

With the materials decided, the next step is to gain a basic understanding of the process for the actual replacement. Asphalt shingles are the easiest to install, but it’s always best to hire a professional with a project of this scale given the consequences if done incorrectly. Improper installation will also void any warranty.

Once the old roof is completely removed, an inspection of the roof decking is done to ensure there’s no damage. If there is, the wood must be replaced. If you live in a region with snow and ice, such as towns in the Northeast likeWayne, Riverdale, Pompton Plains or Franklin Lakes, consider installing a waterproof membrane as the first line of defense against water damage.

Roof replacement

Next comes the installation of drip edges, which guides water runoff along the edge of the roof, and then placement of the underlayment. Before laying the shingles, flashing, which is a thin sheet of metal, is installed around the base of the chimney, dormers or vents to prevent water from leaking down these structures and beneath the shingles.

Once all the foundational work is done, it’s time to lay the shingles. When the job is complete, the installer does a final inspection and cleanup. Before the contractor leaves, they should explain the details of the warranty and maintenance requirements.

Roof repair vs roof replacement – the ultimate guide

The decision between replacing your roof versus just repairing it can be a difficult one. You don’t want to reroof too soon and end up wasting money; however, you also don’t want to keep adding up your costs in repairs when you could be saving to replace…It’s a battle back and forth, but if you know what to look for and how to weigh your options, you should be able to make the appropriate decision pretty easily.

It’s all about timing. And to get the timing right, you need to be able to assess the overall condition of your roof as well as identify any early signs of roof failure in your home in Wayne, Woodland Park, or Totowa. According to recent cost evaluations, a new asphalt shingle roof runs roughly $21,500 on a national average. For high-end materials, you’re looking even higher. So even on the low-end, knowing how to hedge your bets and effectively determine when to opt for roof repair vs roof replacement is a matter of several thousand dollars.

What to Look for When Considering Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

A regular roof inspection is an important step in helping you plan for roof repairs or a replacement. As you conduct your inspection, be sure to look for early signs of a roof leak on the interior of your home, including:

• Dark areas on the ceiling
• Peeling paint on the underside of a roof overhang
• Damp spots along the fireplace
• Water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace

Additionally, you need to assess the health of your roof from the outside. Warning signs to look for from the outside include cracked caulk or rusty spots on the flashing; buckled, curled, or blistered shingles, and worn areas around the chimney, pipes, or skylights. Likewise, if you find mounds of grit from the asphalt roof tiles in your gutters, it’s generally a bad sign. Stains from algae are primarily cosmetic concerns; however, collections of moss or lichen on the roof could indicate that the roofing beneath is decaying.

In some cases, having a professional assessment is the best way to make the choice for roof repair vs roof replacement. If your home has been hit by a heavy wind or hail storm or if you are worried about some of your own findings, you may want to consider having a professional evaluation. This type of inspection typically runs around $175 in North Haledon, Oakland, Butler, or Riverdale, but it could end up saving you thousands.

roof repair vs roof replacement

When Does Repairing Make More Sense

In most cases, a spot repair is enough to fix an otherwise sound roof. For example, if you just need to close a gap along the chimney flashing or even to fix a leak in a roof valley, these repairs are sensible and can help you get several more years out of your roof. In some cases, these costs may even be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, particularly if the issue was caused by a storm or unexpected occurrence in Little Falls or Lincoln Park.

roof repair vs roof replacement

Consider the Costs

Cost is one of the key factors when considering roof repair vs roof replacement. Obviously, for minimal repairs you may spend anywhere from as little as $10 for a minor fix to upwards of $1,000 or $2,000. However, when you’re looking at replacing your roof, you’re considering an expense of closer to $20,000.

While it may be tempting to opt for the cheaper fix, you may end up costing yourself more in the long run. For example, if you repeatedly repair a roof that needs replaced, your costs will add up significantly. You also run the risk of experience a real issue like a major leak that will not only cause you the expense of fixing the roof but also of repairing water damage.

You may also consider the cost of a roof replacement. It typically costs about $3 per square foot to strip off the old roofing and replace it with new composition shingles. If you’re looking to save money, some roofers offer the option to simply layer a new roof over top of the old for a cost of about $2 a square foot. However, this fix often compounds your cost and is a bit of a “Band-Aid” fix. When you put the new over top the old, you haven’t actually repaired any leaks, and you also don’t get new flashing or underlayment, pretty significant risks. It’s best just to opt for a new roof altogether when it is time and save yourself the trouble.

roof repair vs roof replacement

Making the choice for roof repair vs roof replacement isn’t easy. However, if you know what to look for and appropriately assess your roof’s health, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. If there are only minor issues with your current roof and it is less than 15 to 20 years old, you can probably opt for a repair and still get several years from your current roof. But if the roof is older and is showing signs of roof failure, you’re best bet is to just make the investment in a new roof and prevent any further damage to your home in Pequannock or Pompton Plains.

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Choosing the best roofing contractor to hire for your home renovations can be a challenging, confusing, and stressful task. Provided below is a list of some of the best tips to aide you in your task of finding a trustworthy business and getting the best possible service for your money:

Check for valid roofing contractor insurance coverage

Before anything else, ensure that the contractor carriers valid worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Don’t feel uncomfortable in asking to verify their certificates and calling the insurance carrier to confirm they are legitimate coverage forms. This ensures you are protected should anything happen while the repairs are being made to your roof.

Review business details to ensure they are local and in good standing

Check that the company is locally established with a good reputation within the community. Warranties do not hold value should the company vanish, move, or go out of business; choosing a well-established family business with local roots and a strong standing within the area helps to diminish the fear of having an irredeemable warranty.

roofing contractor

Remember you get what you pay for

Never choose a contracting company based solely upon cost. Any business with overhead and proper insurance has to establish a price which will cover those costs, in addition to supplies and labor. While cheap bidders do exist, you get what you pay for – a cheap upfront price may bring thousands of dollars in repair later down the road. Allow a slightly larger budget for the work needing to be done and get it done properly from the start with a reputable company who provide a workmanship guarantee.

roofing contractor

Be aware of what to avoid

Pick a roofer from a referral or a sign in your area that has a satisfied client on the other end, rather than going with door-to-door solicitors. If you are approached by this technique, ask for recommendations but proceed with some skepticism. A fair number of the contracting companies who utilize door-to-door solicitation techniques are notorious for quoting your roof as having storm damage and insisting upon having clients sign a letter of intent immediately after giving them a verbal approximate of costs. Never feel pressured if you find yourself in a situation such as this. Wait to see the contracts if you would like, take your time to review, and weigh your options from there.

Don’t feel pressured into providing full payment in advance

Decline providing payment up front and be sure to pay by check or credit card. Most reputable contractors require only a deposit of one-third of the total price with payment expected upon your satisfaction with the work done. Also be sure to establish a clearly agreed upon completion date.

Don’t tolerate poor correspondence

Communication is of utmost importance. If a contractor is continuously failing to return calls or forgetting to send over requested documentation, be sure to convey your concerns to the representative of their company. If they cannot figure some way to calm your worries of their flaky communications and begin responding in a prompt, respectable manner, walk away.

The Clear Choice: A&Z Construction

Wayne, New Jersey’s Most Reputable Roofing Contractor Company

For those in Wayne, New Jersey, A&Z Construction is your one-step solution to finding a respectable, local roofing contractor. Located at 12 Sears Place in Wayne, this is a family owned and operated roof contractor business which was built on the ideals of passion, honesty, dependability, and always striving for improvement. This company has a proven record of successfully completed, beautiful projects – each of which were finished by the agreed upon deadline with the most advanced technology available to guarantee a timely completion date.

roofing contractor

The dedicated workers of A&Z are insured and licensed in accordance with the guidelines of Wayne. From small repairs to large projects to upgrading to long-lasting energy-efficient materials and solar paneling, customers can count on this company for all of their needs. By employing compassionate and friendly roofing contractors, this business guarantees it will find a way to help their customers afford the repairs their home needs. Depending on the size of the home, one of their roof contractors can even remove and replace and entire rooftop within a single day. If you are in the Waynearea and needing work or an estimate, I strongly recommend considering A&Z Construction for your roofing contractor.


Shingle roof design ideas

Shingle roof designs for your home enhance the appear of your house that you have worked very hard on. Shingles quickly become an afterthought for homeowners who have painted their homes or built a new deck. Overlooking your roof could result in catastrophic damage to your home that you could not anticipate. The few ideas below explain how a shingle roof can change the curb appeal of your home.

Home Safety

Your home is protected from the elements by the roof more than anything else. Homeowners in Wayne, Woodland Park, Totowa, North Haledon, Oakland, Butler, Riverdale, Little Falls, Lincoln Park, Pompton Lakes, Pequannock and Pompton Plains must prepare for the hurricane season that lies ahead along with the snow melt from the next harsh winter. Your roof is harmed by consistently poor weather, and your roof will give way when you least expect it. Replacing the roof is a safety measure that all homeowners should consider.

Shingle Roof Colors

Your roof may appear in several different colors depending on the color and design of your home. Your home may require a unique shingle color that makes the house look better, and you need to choose the shingles that make the house look its best. You re not under any obligation to stick with the slate gray tiles that you are used to.

shingle roof

Shingle Patterns

Shingles are sold in standard sizes and shapes. Most shingles appear in a rectangular shape that you are accustomed to, but there are other shingle shapes that you may choose. A home designer may share design ideas with you that use new shingle shapes, and you may combine shingle shapes for a unique aesthetic that is all your own.

Your roofer has access to catalogs filled with special shingles that you may use on your roof. Pick something that will help your home stand out, and consider how your home will increase in value once you have completely re-styled the roof in an image your prefer.

European Building Styles

Homes built in a vintage European style must have matching shingles on the roof. Spanish, French and English building styles all use different shingles, and you may consult with your roofer to find the right shingles. You are not the only person in your community who wants to use a European building technique, and you will create a period construction that beautiful to look at.

Roofing Installation

Shingle roof installation must be done quickly to prevent damage from impending wind and rain. You must wait for your roofer to find a good patch of weather to complete your job, and the roofer moves fast to remove your old roof for the installation. The new roof will include padding, insulation and shingles that you have chosen specifically for your home.

shingle roof

The roofing installation uses flashing around your chimney, and your roofer will paint the flashing a proper color. Your roof will transform before your eyes, and the color of the house will become more appealing when you view the house from the street. Your installation may be done just before you put the house on the market, or this might be the first project you do when you move into the house.

Shingle roofs are a part of homeownership that may people overlook. The new roof you install on your house will change the appearance of your home completely. You may have a roof that appears to belong on a million-dollar mansion, and your home will be protected from the elements for several decades.