Deck railing

Deck railing design ideas

People in Wayne and other areas often think of their decks and what to do with them, but they seldom consider what should go around their decks. The deck railing, rather than the decking, is what sets the mood in the back and front yard, and it can serve several purposes. Railing goes beyond the traditional wood posts. However, there are numerous railing ideas to explore. For example, a popular selection in railing is lattice. Beyond providing a barrier, lattice helps to add aesthetic appeal to a deck.

End Caps

End Caps offer an ornamental way to beautify both a deck and the railing. End caps can be used functionally as planters and as a source of lighting. End caps can be purely decorative as well. Wayne residents might particularly enjoy end caps that have solar lights to save on electricity costs.

Deck railing

Mixed Materials

Mixed materials bring life to a railing. When a railing is made of one type of material, the appearance of the railing is flat—two-dimensional. However, choosing two differing materials adds depth and dimension. The two materials do not need to be of great contrast. The materials may be different—like wood and metal—but be of complementary colors to allow for flow. An added benefit for choosing metal as a material is that it needs to be refinished less than wood so this option tends to be low maintenance. Residents in Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes can appreciate this.

Unconventional Materials

Railings needn’t consist of slotted pieces of wood or metal. A nice way to create privacy and allow for light is to use opaque glass in between posts. Wayne resident may also like this option to achieve railing but preserve lighting.

Deck railing

Deck Railing as a Focal Point

It has been traditionally suggested that the deck railing should match the decking materials. This is true to some extent. However, there is greater freedom in choosing railing materials. Riverdale residents may enjoy this factor.Deck railing, much likes the walls in a home, can take on more design, patterns and colors than the flooring, if chosen, and serve to beautifully frame the deck area. Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes residents can do this by focusing more on complementing the deck rather than focusing on matching it by color and materials.

Matching Deck Railing

There is a time to use a deck rail that would otherwise blend into the deck area: when there is furniture and other décor that serves as the focal point. In this manner, choose railing that matches the deck area—both by color and materials used in the deck area. Riverdale, Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes residents may love this option.

Home Extension

To add depth and dimensions to the exterior of the home, choose color and materials that lend to the illusion that the house is being extended so that it is difficult to determine where the house ends and the railing begins. This is best accomplished by using solid materials that accentuate the house.

Deck railing


A common concern for Wayne and Riverdale residents and others is the need for privacy. For people who seek to have greater privacy while sitting on their deck, opting for trellises as railing can offer both adequate lighting and privacy from the neighbors’ view. Another excellent selection in creating privacy is by using posts of alternating heights.

Multiple Colors

To accentuate back yard décor, use a railing of multiple colors. Take the main colors of furniture and other décor, and incorporate them into a slotted railing sequence. For instance, alternate between persimmon, lime green and Mediterranean blue to bring these colors out in the furniture.

Deck Building Plans, Pictures And Ideas For Your Home


Now Is a Great Time to Put Your Deck Building Plan into Action

Now that summer is here, there is no better time than now to put your deck building plan into action. The days inWayne, Riverdale, Pompton Plains and Franklin Lakes are getting longer and warmer, so adding a deck or patio to your home gives you more outdoor space that you can use.

A Deck Building Plan Enhances Your Home

Outside of adding more value to your home, a deck building plan is a great way to enhance your home. Home owners in Franklin Lakes with great views of the Franklin Lakes Nature Reserve need a deck to truly savor all of the beauty and wildlife that is everywhere around them. If you have gone to the expense of adding a swimming pool at your home in Wayne, Pompton Plains or Riverdale, a deck building plan will give you and your family the extra space you need to lounge around the pool during the hot, lazy days of summer. deck building plan

Build Your Outdoor Oasis

If you do not have a pool, you will still find that a deck is very useful. If your home has sliding glass patio doors, your deck is a great place to host friends and family, throw parties and put your BBQ grill. Your guests will surely love having the opportunity to sit outside on a gorgeous day. Be sure that you select only the finest and most durable building materials. This assures that when add a deck to your home in Wayne, Pompton Plains, or Riverdale it will bring you and your family years of enjoyment.

Deck Building Plan

Get Ideas from Professionals

If you are unsure of the best deck design for your space, professional deck builders are there to help. With their years of experience, they can make recommendations and offer design plans that fit your budget and your lifestyle. No matter whether you are looking for a simple deck or a more complex deck, they can build it for you. You can have seating built right into your deck area, so you always have space for people to sit. Multi-level decks are another attractive option for larger homes. Multi-level decks give families even more space to enjoy their outdoor space. If you have always dreamed of having your own jacuzzi tub, your new deck is a great place to keep it. Whenever you feel like soaking, all you have to do is step outside and turn the jacuzzi on. If this is something that you have thought about doing, be sure to mention this to your designer so they can customize your deck design to accommodate this piece of equipment. Other great additions to your new deck would include box planters, a covered area that provides shade for guests that are sensitive to sunlight or heat, and ornate steps and side rails.

Get Started on Your Deck Project

Summer is going to slip by fast! The faster that you can start working on your deck project, the better. Once your deck has been built, you and your family will have the rest of summer to get outside and enjoy a sunny afternoon or a warm star-filled night.

While the amount of time it takes to complete a deck building project can vary based on the scope of the project, this great new addition to your home can usually be finished in week or two after building begins. This means that your home in Franklin Lakes, Wayne, Riverdale, and Pompton Plains can be “decked out” in time to enjoy the very best time of the year in New Jersey. Summertime! If you are ready to make your outside space more attractive and useful, a deck is the way to go. You will be happy with your investment because it lasts for a long time and is always there for your enjoyment. It’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing in the spring, summer and fall!